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Boresaver StainStopper

Stain Stopper Systems

Reliable Economical Bore Stain Prevention 

  • Three models to choose from, Rural, Maxi and the Residential
  • Safe for the environment
  • Can be self installed or let our team of professionals do it for you.
  • Designed specifically for Aquatek Liquid Plus
  • Works on both iron and calcium stains
  • 2 Year complete warranty on the systems
  • BONUS! These units also clean out the irrigation pipes and sprinklers, huge benefits!

NEW  – StainStopper Rural

Suitable for use with an IBC, we can supply or use your own and get a 1000L tanks on your StainStopper system. Contact us for details.

StainStopper Residential 

The Residential unit is the compact, convenient, good looking solution for your iron stain problems. This unit is designed for a home irrigation system driven by a submersible pump.

  • Approximately 30 hours continuous operation per tank fill (typically 2-3 months of normal operation before a refill is required)
  •  Designed for Aquatek Liquid Pro concentrate
  • Unit dimensions are 630 by  580mm
  • First 2 bottles of Aquatek supplied free of charge with system purchase

    StainStopper Residential

StainStopper MAXI 

  • Designed with the larger house or rural property in mind
  • Holding tank size is 320 L
  • Approximately  60 hours continuous operation per tank fill
  • Designed for Aquatek Liquid Pro treatment concentrate
  • Unit is 585 diameter by 1239 mm high
  • First 4 bottles of Aquatek supplied free of charge with this system purchase

Latest batch of StainStopper Maxi’s

Is it safe for my garden?

Yes! Years of extensive testing have proven the safety of the StainStopper treatment solution with Perth gardens.

Do I get a guarantee?

Absolutely! in Western Australia, we are fortunate to have very strong consumer protection laws in place. This means it’s not just us saying we will back the units, the law requires us to! The goods must be fit for purpose and we guarantee that they are.

Does the StainStopper do anything else?

The units not only provide complete stain protection, they also keep the pipes, valves and gear drives clean, a real bonus on larger commercial properties! Clogging of sprinklers and pipes is so bad for some folks they put a StainStopper on just to keep the pipes clean. Works brilliantly. 

Dirty old bore?
If you want to fit a StainStopper to a dirty bore, i.e. one with a lot of iron oxide clogging please talk to us about cleaning it first with BoreSaver Ultra C or Multikleen
What if it’s a long way from the bore to the StainStopper?

After 10m, you get flow and pressure losses that make tuning the unit harder and the install more expensive. We know shorter is better but can manage longer if required, it just costs a little more to install.

Can I add fertiliser to the StainStopper?

No, it will prevent the system from operating properly and void the guarantee.

Does the unit promote IRB or other problems?

No. The Aquatek Liquid Plus concentrate doesn’t promote IRB at all, unlike some other products offered to the market.

Is it a filter?

No, lots of folks call the StainStopper an iron filter but it’s not. Doesn’t really matter though, as it works really well at stopping bore stain on property and garden walls.

So, what is the StainStopper?

The StainStopper is a metered micro dosing machine that injects a minute amount of complexing agent (the Aquatec Liquid Plus concentrate) into the bore water.

What’s a complexing agent?

Also called a coordination compound, this is a compound in which independently existing molecules or ions of a nonmetal (complexing agent) form coordinate bonds with a metal atom or ion. So, metal ions remain in solution but exhibit diminished reactivity.

What’s that mean in English?

The iron dissolved in solution will now stay in solution rather than rusting out. When it rusts out you get stain, so delaying this process keeps your walls clean.