EZ ECO is a ready-to-use liquid bore cleaner for bores, screens, pumps and irrigation pipes with clogging problems. Particularly useful where the clogging is a mix of mineral scale build-up such as carbonate, manganese and iron oxide.
  • Safer to transport
  • Non poisonous
  • Fully Biodegradable
  • Safer for workers
  • Along with Ultra C and Multikleen, approved for use in potable water wells NSF and Department for Health WA.
  • Effective and efficient
EZ ECO bore cleaner removes iron oxide deposits. EZ ECO bore cleaner dissolves calcium and magnesium minerals; EZ ECO bore cleaner contains a chelating or sequestering agent Purge water materials naturally and rapidly biodegrade within a few days of treatment.
Currently going through the UK Approval Process, EZ-Eco complies with DG legislation and is a unique blend of monohydrates and organic acids that are biodegradable and completely safe to use in your water supply. Supplied as a liquid concentrate, EZ-Eco can be used undiluted or mixed with water depending on the dosage required. It can be added directly to the water supply without dismantling the pump and associated equipment How to Recognise the Problem Any of the following symptoms will indicate contamination problems:
  • Slime inside pipes, which may be rusty
  • Cloudy water at pump start-up which may be rusty or brown
  • Reduced water flow from the bore
  • Slimy deposits blocking main lines and laterals
  • Unpleasant odour in water pumped from the well
  • Slimy, rusty deposits in drippers and sprinklers
  • Severe staining on pavements, walls foliage.
  • Blackish-brown deposits indicates the presence of manganese oxide
  • Distinctive white powder or stone layered deposits indicates the presence of calcium carbonate