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Where we answer the most commonly asked questions

Is it a filter?

No, lots of folks call the StainStopper an iron filter but technically, its not. Doesn’t really matter though, as it works really well at stopping bore stain on property and garden walls.

So, What is the StainStopper?

The StainStopper is a metered micro dosing machine that injects a minute amount of complexing agent into the bore water.

What’s a complexing agent?

Also called a coordination compound this is a compound in which independently existing molecules or ions of a nonmetal (complexing agent) form coordinate bonds with a metal atom or ion. So, metal ions remain in solution but exhibit diminished reactivity.

What’s that mean in English?

The iron dissolved in solution will now stay in solution rather than rusting out. When it rusts out you get stain so delaying this process keeps your walls clean.

Does it work?

Certainly does, there are hundreds of units in around WA working happily away for over a decade. And in the end, its just chemistry which is VERY reliable.

Is it safe?

Yes! But even so, we want you to take due care when handling chemicals of any kind from any source. So, don’t drink it, don’t rub or splash it in your eyes and don’t bath in it. Just use the Aquatek as directed and you will be fine.

Is it safe for my garden?

Yes! Years of extensive testing have proven the safety of the StainStopper treatment solution with Perth gardens.


Do I get a guarantee?

Yes, in Western Australia we are fortunate to have very strong consumer protection laws in place. This means its not just us saying we will back the units, the law requires us to! The goods must be fit for purpose and we guarantee that they are.


What if I have Problems?

The usual reasons for stain returning are: it’s run out of treatment solution, the inlet filter is blocked or occasionally there’s been an increase in the iron levels in the ground water. All are easily fixed and covered in detail in the instructions supplied with every unit.

What happens if I let the tank run dry and there’s staining on my walls?

Ask us for some IronKleen, this is a brilliant product that removes iron stain from most surfaces quickly and easily. Available in 5 and 20 litre drums at factory direct prices.

What types of StainStopper are there?

We have three units available, the Mini, Residential and the Commercial.

Each of these units is available with an extra tank for those that need extra capacity.

Is anyone available who can do service work and installations?

Yes, there are a number of experienced independent contractors who can do everything from the installation to the full range of service work. Just ask us for their contact details.

What’s the difference with the different units?

The mini is designed for smaller residential lots and to be economical to purchase. This is because it needs to be refilled every week only having 4.5 hours of treatment solution in the tank if you were to try and run it on a normal sized yard. Better to invest in the full residential system, which will get around 3 months of use before needing a refill. If you have a large garden to irrigate then you may opt for the Commercial model, which doubles the capacity to 60 hours of operation.