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Iron Oxide Well Cleaner

BoreSaver Ultra C

Use BoreSaver Ultra C to completely remove iron and manganese oxide deposits and control iron bacteria contamination.

Safe, easy to use and fast acting, in just 24 hours Ultra C will:

  • Remove all deposits and contamination

  • Improve water quality

  • Increase water flow

  • Extend the life of pumps and equipment

Ultra C is approved by the Secretary of State in the UK and by the NSF in America. It is a specially formulated proprietary blend of monohydrates and organic acids based on leading independent research. One of its key components, oxalic acid, is a naturally occurring organic acid which is biodegradable.

Supplied in granular form Ultra C can be added directly to the water supply without dismantling the pump and associated equipment.

How to Recognise the Problem

Any of the following symptoms will indicate a problem with iron bacteria or iron oxide deposits:

  • Rusty slime inside pipes

  • Cloudy, rusty water at pump start-up

  • Reduced water flow from the bore

  • Slimy deposits blocking main lines and laterals

  • Unpleasant odor in water pumped from the well

  • Slimy, rusty deposits in drippers and sprinklers

  • Severe staining on pavements, walls foliage.

  • Blackish-brown deposits indicates the presence of manganese oxide

How to Use BoreSaver Ultra C

BoreSaver is safe, easy to use and biodegradable.

Simply follow the BoreSaver four step process for clean, fast-flowing water:

  •  Identify which BoreSaver cleaner you need with our range guide
  •  Work out the amount you need with our dosage table
  •  Pour BoreSaver straight into your well or borehole, recycle the  water, surge and leave in for 24 hours.
  •  Flush out your well or borehole by using any of the standard methods. Surging and brushing, air-lifting or pump-in recycling will safely pump the deposits and contamination away.

Aftercare: Use BoreSaver as part of a regular maintenance programme to keep your well or borehole trouble free.

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Did you know?

  • Iron bacteria and iron oxide contamination is estimated to affect over 40% of the world’s water bores.

  • Mineral contamination restricts water production and clogs up pumps and pipes.

  • Accumulated deposits can increase maintenance problems and create unpleasant working conditions for operators.

Iron Bacteria Contamination

Whilst all iron oxide deposits can be removed, it is not possible to completely eliminate iron bacteria contamination. However, regular use of BoreSaver Ultra C can control the problem and ensure the water supply and pumping equipment is working at maximum efficiency. The frequency of follow up cleaning will be determined by the natural conditions in the system although a twice yearly maintenance programme is recommended.

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