Boresaver Ultra C Pro

Ultra C Pro Ultra C is approved by the Secretary of State in the UK and by the NSF in America. It is an enhanced treatment for more severe cases of iron oxide, manganese oxide and iron bacteria contamination. Ultra C Pro dissolves deposits more effectively, extends treatment times and provides a faster reduction of iron related bacteria.

Boresaver IKL Pro

BoreSaver IKL Pro completely removes calcium carbonate (lime scale) and related minerals.

IKL Pro is a US/UK product  and is effective for combination problems where iron and/or manganese oxide deposits are also present. It is also ideal in situations where high levels of manganese oxide deposits only are present.

Boresaver Liquid Enhancer

BoreSaver Liquid Enhancer is ideal for dealing with severe iron bacteria control contamination. It is regularly used in situations where the bacteria are particularly active and the contamination is comprehensive or in a sensitive installation where quality of supply and flow is critical.

Boresaver EZ-ECO

BoreSaver EZ-Eco is an all-purpose cleaning treatment specially formulated for water supply systems restricted by environmental or health & safety considerations. Compliant with DG legislation, it safely removes deposits and slime from boreholes, wells, pumps and equipment.

Boresaver Multikleen

BoreSaver Multikleen is the Australian name for IKL PRO and a general all-purpose cleaning treatment that completely removes deposits and slime from boreholes, wells, pumps and equipment.