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How much Aquatek to use in your StainStopper

Controlling running costs for the StainStopper is a simple straight forward procedure. Just follow the instructions and you will be able to optimise your Aquatek concentrations to precisely match your water needs. The Pulse in particular makes this very easy.

The StainStopper operates by dosing a precise amount of the Aquatek concentrate into the reticulation water flow.

Costs of running the StainStopper are determined by two things:

  1. The level of iron and other minerals in your water

  2. How much water you pump each week

Iron levels of 1ppm will require twice the concentrate that ½ ppm or iron

Pumping twice as much water will consume twice as much Aquatek

Your strategy to controlling the running costs therefore depend on getting the concentrations levels to exactly match the iron levels in the water and minimizing watering times.

You can test if you have the right amount of Aquatek in the tank by changing how much Aquatek you add to the tank and then running a cycle, catching the water in a container, and leaving it overnight.

Does the water discolor leaving a brown film on the container base? Then add more Aquatek.

Keep going until the water stays clean for 24 hours and again at 48 hours.

Your other saving is to have a hard look at the watering times for each station and lower them as much as you dare. If you halve your watering run times, you halve your costs.

Reducing the watering times by just 5 minutes per station can have a big effect on the annual running costs.

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