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Boresaver Ultra C Pro

Powerful cleaner for the rusty iron oxide residues that build up in wells, bores, pumps and pipes.

When iron oxide residues build up in the well/bore, production drops and maintenance costs can spiral out of control. The slippery orange iron deposits are due to the conversion (oxidation) of dissolved iron by naturally occurring bacteria (I.R.B.). It is not only unpleasant for the operators but, more importantly, it is indicative of a system that is steadily becoming constricted, inefficient and expensive to maintain. Iron oxide residues affect stainless steel as well as cast iron and the various different types of plastic groundwater pumps.

Safe & Easy to Use

BoreSaver Ultra C has multiple approvals for use in potable water systems. Nothing enters the production stream. Treatment solution is flushed to waste after cleaning.

How Much Product Do I Need for My Well?

The amount of BoreSaver Ultra C to use is based on water volume in the bore to be treated. The degree of contamination in the pump is not directly related to the length of time the pump has been in service, rather factors such as mineral levels, dissolved carbon dioxide levels and the quantity of water pumped influence the amount of residues contained in the casing and pump

How Often to Clean

The frequency of follow up cleanings will be determined by the natural conditions already present in the well and the aquifer.  It is not possible to totally eliminate the iron related bacteria contamination from the far reaches of the underground aquifer. BoreSaver will however provide effective control and cleaning for extended periods of time.

By evaluating when the effects of the iron oxide residues start to cause the installation or user unacceptable performance, treatment timing can be determined. Generally, this should be considered at the halfway point of the breakdown timeline since the propagation of the bacteria tends to be exponential.  By treating at the half way point, the optimum performance of the pumping infrastructure will be maintained. An added benefit of this program is that the ongoing maintenance costs are locked in at their lowest possible levels.

Examination of the historical site records as well as studying the telemetry records for the system will establish this optimum re-treatment baseline.


How to Recognise the Problem

Any of the following symptoms will indicate a problem with iron bacteria or iron oxide deposits:

  • Rusty slime inside pipes
  • Cloudy, rusty water at pump start-up
  • Reduced water flow from the bore
  • Slimy deposits blocking main lines and laterals
  • Unpleasant odour in water pumped from the well
  • Slimy, rusty deposits in drippers and sprinklers
  • Severe staining on pavements, walls foliage.
  • Blackish-brown deposits indicates the presence of manganese oxide

How to Use BoreSaver Ultra C Pro

BoreSaver is safe, easy to use and biodegradable.Simply follow the BoreSaver four step process for clean, fast-flowing water:

1. Identify which BoreSaver cleaner you need with our range guide

2. Work out the amount you need with our dosage table

3. Pour BoreSaver straight into your well or borehole, recycle the water, surge and leave in for 24 hours.

4. Flush out your well or borehole by using any of the standard methods. Surging and brushing, air-lifting or pump-in recycling will safely pump the deposits and contamination away.

Aftercare: Use BoreSaver as part of a regular maintenance programme to keep your well or borehole trouble free.

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Did you know?

  • Iron bacteria and iron oxide contamination is estimated to affect over 40% of the world’s water bores.
  • Mineral contamination restricts water production and clogs up pumps and pipes.
  • Accumulated deposits can increase maintenance problems and create unpleasant working conditions for operators.

Iron Bacteria Contamination

Whilst all iron oxide deposits can be removed, it is not possible to completely eliminate iron bacteria contamination. However, regular use of BoreSaver Ultra C Pro can completely minimise the problem and ensure the water supply and pumping equipment is working at maximum efficiency. The frequency of follow up cleaning will be determined by the natural conditions in the system although an annual maintenance programme is recommended.