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BoreSaver Ultra C Product Application

BoreSaver Ultra C is available in concentrated form and can be used either directly or mixed with water before use, depending on your preference. For boreholes that have a water depth of up to 60m, simply add the solution to the top of the casing. The subsequent well activities such as surging, cycling, and brushing will effectively distribute the product throughout the desired areas.

If you plan to leave the pump in place and opt for a cycling treatment method, start by running the pump and then pour BoreSaver Ultra C into the top of the well. This approach will efficiently clean not only the pump but also other components like rising mains and upper sections of casings. However, it won't have a significant impact below where the pump intake is located.

Determining Usage Quantity

The recommended dosage rate for treating affected areas is 5% by volume of BoreSaver Ultra C to water volume. This dosage rate applies specifically to sites experiencing severe clogging issues.

To calculate how much Ultra C, you need based on your casing's internal diameter:

1) Refer to our recommendations for BoreSaver Ultra C amount required per meter of water for your specific casing size.

2) Multiply this amount by your desired water depth.

For example, if you have a maintenance clean job for a 4" ID (100mm) well with 30m water depth: 0.31 (recommended amount per meter) multiplied by 30 (water depth) equals 10kg - this is how much product you'll need to achieve excellent results.

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