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Running costs are modest with most residential properties consuming between $300 and $500 each year in Aquatek. 

The costs associated with operating the StainStopper are determined by two key factors: 

1. How much dissolved iron is in your water. 

2. The volume of water that you pump. 

When your bore water comes out clean and clear but leaves dirty brown stains on your walls, plants and paths, the StainStopper System is ideal for you.

Please note, we are no longer building or supplying the vacuum StainStoppers, only have the Pulse are available.

NEW !!  Now available is the Wireless Kit for the StainStopper Pulse. 

A solid 5km range this system add-on means we don't have to connect the reticulation controller with wires to the StainStopper Pulse.

For all those folks who have their reticulation controller in the garage or the other side of the house from the bore, this solves those problems.

Perfect for any dissolved iron oxide in your ground water.

StainStopper  Systems

 Considerations for suitability

  1. Access to the bore, is it covered in concrete or pavers?

  2. Power availability for the Pulse, we need access to the retic controller and power.

  3. Is the water coming out clear and after resting for 24 - 48 hours turning brown? We want to know it’s a mineral iron problem rather than tannins


StainStopper Pulse System

Electrically driven for precise dosing and fully adjustable with one simple dial these systems are ideal for a range of applications. If you have a well, above ground pump, pressure vessel/switch or contaminants in the main line or you just need precise dose control then the Pulse is for you.

The Pulse offers great flexibility as we can mount the dosing system with either tank configuration. The Pulse requires one 20mm blue line connection to the head of the bore or into the mainline and a connection to the retic controller and power. 

All our Residential and Maxi Pulse systems now come standard with the Sound Isolation Kit.

  • Select the 140/350/1000 lt holding tank

  • Between 30 and 400 hours continuous operation per fill depending on the tank size and setup details.

  • Designed for Aquatek Liquid Pro treatment concentrate

  • First qty of Aquatek supplied free with purchase

  • Requires a switched single phase power supply.

  • Tank can be customised and partially buried for a more discreet look.

Relay Kit 

Where you have access to a 240 vac power point (GPO) and the retic controller, buy the Option 1 kit to simply plug and play.

Automatically activates StainStopper Pulse to turn on and off when you are watering the garden. 

Weather-resistant plastic case, a safe and secure connection inside which ensures long product life and deters tampering. 

Just connect the 24 VAC input wires to the pump start or master valve terminals in your reticulation controller. It’s super easy and we can show you how.

 Compatible with all standard 24 VAC sprinkler systems

stainestopper pulse.jpg

StainStopper Systems

Instal Questions 2024

To keep the StainStopper price as low as possible, Aquabiotics generally don’t do site visits before installation.

To help with making sure everything goes smoothly we love it when customers send us some photos of the bore and area where they want the system to go. 

We are looking for photos that show:

  1. Is the bore a submersible or a well with an above ground pump.

  2. Is the bore in the driveway and covered in concrete or pavers?

  3. Do we have access for the pipes from the system to the bore, is there a wall in the way or large water feature? 

  4. Where is the nearest power point

  5. Where is the retic controller in relation to where the system is going.


Boresaver StainStopper F&Q

Is it safe for my garden?

Safe for your garden, pets and stock as its non toxic!

Do I have tannins?

Take  a sample of water from a sprinkler, does it come out clear then turn brown over the next 24 hours? This is iron. Tannin would mean the water is coloured right from the start.

What if I have a buildup of iron oxide in my bore and reticulation system before I install a StainStopper?

The iron clogging has to go somewhere. We usually look to add extra Aquatek to the tank to get rid of the iron oxide quicker but it does take time. Clients report anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to get the pipes clean. If you have sensitive surfaces you will want to wait for the pipes to clear before using the IronKleen stain remover.

Do I get a guarantee?

Absolutely! in Western Australia, we are fortunate to have very strong consumer protection laws in place. This means it’s not just us saying we will back the units, the law requires us to! The goods must be fit for purpose and we guarantee that they are.

Does the StainStopper do anything else?

The units not only provide complete stain protection, they also keep the pipes, valves and gear drives clean, a real bonus on larger commercial properties! Clogging of sprinklers and pipes is so bad for some folks they put a StainStopper on just to keep the pipes clean. Works brilliantly. 

Iron oxide already clogging the bore?

If you want to fit a StainStopper to a dirty bore, i.e. one with a lot of iron oxide clogging please talk to us about cleaning it first with BoreSaver Ultra C or Multikleen. A number of clients have had great success fitting a StainStopper and increasing the dose rate for a few months as well.

What if it’s a long way from the bore to the StainStopper?

After 10m, you get flow and pressure losses that make tuning the unit harder and the install more expensive. We know shorter is better but can manage longer if required, it just costs a little more to install.

Can I add fertiliser to the StainStopper?

We prefer you don’t as it will void the guarantee.

Does the unit promote IRB or other problems?

No. The Aquatek Liquid Plus concentrate doesn’t promote IRB at all, unlike some other products offered to the market.

Residential Tank

140 lt tank

Up to 30 hours treatment

StainStopper residential pic.jpg

The Residential unit is the compact, convenient, good looking solution for your iron stain problems. This unit is designed for folk who water 3-4 hours at most a week.

Maxi Tank

350 lt              

68 hours treatment

StainStopper maxi.jpg
  • Designed with the larger house or rural property in mind

  • Holding tank size is 350 L

  • Approximately  60-66 hours continuous operation per tank fill

  • Unit is 585 diameter by 1239 mm high

A water sample before StainStopper installation and after

StainStopper before after1.jpeg

Get rid of your existing iron stains quickly and easily with BoreSaver IronKleen

IronKleen Bore Stain Remover 20-5l.jpg
IronKleen Bore Stain Remover.jpeg
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