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Instructions & Support Documents

BoreSaver Ultra C is a premium grade rehabilitation chemical designed to dissolve iron oxide deposits in potable groundwater bores, wells, pumps and pipes. 

BoreSaver is available in 5 & 10 kg containers.

StainStopper Instructions & Aquatek Guide

When your bore water comes out clean and clear but leaves dirty brown stains on your walls, plants and paths, the StainStopper System is perfect for you. Perfect for iron and calcium but not for tannins.

 There are two types of system available and which one is right for you will depend on:

  1. Submersible pump

  2. Above ground pump in a well

  3. Pressure tank/switch on the pump

  4. Access to the bore

  5. Power availability

  6. Condition of the main water pipe

Credit Account Application

If you are interested in retailing the BoreSaver range of products please fill in the application form and email it to us, we will be in touch soon after to discuss what you need.

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