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Exciting PhD project:

Looking for a suitable candidate to work on an exciting PhD project: “Operational forecasting for early warning of groundwater extremes: progress through large-sample comparative hydrogeology”.

The successful candidate will work towards developing new tools (computer models) to provide more accurate forecasts of groundwater extremes (floods and drought) which will feed into operational early warning services provided by the BGS and the Flood Forecasting Centre that are currently used by decision makers and emergency responders. You will be based at the BGS headquarters in Nottinghamshire, but will also work with experts from the University of Reading and spend part of your time based at the Flood Forecasting Centre at the Met Office, Exeter where you will have the opportunity to work alongside the forecasters and decision makers that rely on these forecasts. This is a really exciting opportunity for someone who wants to undertake a PhD in fields of hydrology/hydrogeology that has tangible impact in the “real world”.

If you’re interested (or know someone who might be), please follow/share this link to the advert and application pages:

Many thanks


Dr Jonathan Mackay

Senior Hydrologist

Groundwater Flood Forecast Service Manager

Honorary Research Fellow, University of Birmingham

p +44 (0)115 936 3236

British Geological Survey | Nicker Hill | Keyworth | Nottingham NG12 5GG | UK

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