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GeothermiX Conference

entirely organized by Ph.D. students, with five sessions around geothermic :

  • structural geology,

  • geophysical methods applied to geothermal systems

  • geochemical methods used during the prospection

  • monitoring and the potential environmental impact of geothermal power plants,

  • didactic and dissemination.

From 29 November to the 1st of December 2023, at the Department of Earth Science in Pisa.

Moreover, on the 1st of December we organized a field trip to Larderello (southern Tuscany) with the possibility to visit a geothermal power plant, the museum of geothermic, and, considering the time and weather, other peculiarities of the geopark.

The abstract submission is open until the 27th of August.

The event is completely free. Furthermore, partial funding is foreseen for Ph.D. students that submit their abstracts for oral presentation.

Attached you will find the flyers with the details of the sessions and field trip. More informations are available on the webpage and the social network:

Instagram: @geothermix

Linkedin: Geothermix Conference

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