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Largest Water Well Camera Company

Fresno, CA, May 25th, 2023 – Laval Underground Surveys, the leading manufacturer in water well camera technology, proudly announces its recent acquisition of Aries Industries’ water well camera division, solidifying its position as the world’s largest water well camera manufacturer. This strategic move underscores Laval Underground Surveys’ unwavering commitment to innovation, technological excellence, and exceptional customer service within the global water well camera industry.

The acquisition of Aries Industries’ water well camera division represents a significant milestone for Laval Underground Surveys and the industry as a whole. By merging these two industry leaders, Laval Underground Surveys gains an unparalleled portfolio of cutting-edge technologies, reinforcing its dominant presence in the market.

“Since introducing the world’s first water well inspection camera over 70 years ago, we have continuously driven the industry forward through innovation, superior products, and exceptional customer service. This acquisition marks the next chapter in our journey as we continue to grow and evolve,” said Garrett Jones, President of Laval Underground Surveys.

With this acquisition, Laval Underground Surveys will provide support to existing Aries customers while solidifying its position as the global leader in water well video inspection manufacturing and technology.

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