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Tenure track position in France

Basically, this is a 4 year tenure track, which includes a small starting package ( 80 k euros traveling and computer money and a fully founded phd scholarship)

as well as a reduced teaching load of 64 hours per year instead of 192h in France.

After 4 years, if the candidate

- published 4 Rank A publications

- produced 3 international conference presentations

- submitted an ANR project or an ERC project (it does not say that the candidate should be successful),

she/he will be made full professor.

The profile is on modelling fluid rock interactions.  

The position is really open, there is no targeted candidate and Cergy is 40 minutes by train from Paris. The lab in Cergy will probably be associated to that of Sorbonne University known as ISTeP as of 2025.

The housing over there is way cheaper than in the center so it is really particularly well suited for someone with family who wants to have nice space to live like house and garden and as well all the cool scientific interaction that one can get in Paris with ISTeP IPGP, ENS and Fast, nearby.

The description of the position is through one of the links below, and as I know that France has a very bad reputation about the hiring process, i.e. that we are known to already have a candidate in mind before we open a position, I want to stress that for this position it is really fully open.  

Any candidate you know that could be interested should contact,, or

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