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BoreSaver, our range of borehole rehabilitation, well cleaning and maintenance treatments, is government approved, internationally renowned and used worldwide. Our products remove and control mineral contamination & Iron related bacteria problems.


In addition, we manufacture, supply, and support the StainStopper range of bore stain prevention systems. If you want a permanent affordable bore stain solution, then we will have a suitable StainStopper system for you.


With the stain under control, now is a good time to use our IronKleen bore stain remover to finish your stain control project.


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Well Rehabilitation


 A geothermal plant servicing an air conditioning system contaminated with iron related bacteria .

Bore Rehabilitation

When the performance of a water bore begins to drop off, the water flow reaching the pump reduces...

Iron Stain Prevention

Put a stop to ugly iron oxide bore water staining and fit a StainStopper!

Case Studies

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Paris (France)

Heat Exchangers servicing the EDF Building at Le Defence were found to be clogged with iron oxide residues, affecting the water flow rate and pump efficiency. The system comprises two injection wells, 300mm in diameter and 26m in depth, with two similar extraction wells, filtration and heat exchangers.

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Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight (UK)

The isle of Wight Council look after the Castlehaven Coastal Protection scheme in the Niton area of the island. They were having trouble with the ground water contamination, possibly from the septic tanks, which was causing iron related bacteria to grow in the ground stabilisation dewatering wells.

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A Crystal Clear Solution

A Crystal Clear Solution

Iron oxide residues in groundwater are becoming an increasing problem, estimated to affect about 40% of the world’s water bores, and anecdotal evidence indicates that this number is steadily increasing.

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