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Borehole & Well Cleaning

Our expertise lies in offering an array of products that effectively address issues with problematic boreholes.


BoreSaver, our line of treatments for borehole rehabilitation, well cleaning, and maintenance, is not only approved by the government but also renowned internationally and widely used across the globe.


These products are designed to eliminate and manage problems related to mineral contamination as well as bacteria associated with iron. Among our offerings, Boresaver Ultra C stands out for its exceptional power and effectiveness.


Furthermore, we take pride in manufacturing, supplying, and providing support for the StainStopper range of systems designed specifically to prevent bore stains.


If you're seeking a long-term solution at an affordable price point for your iron bore stain concerns, we have the StainStopper Pulse system for you.. 

Now available is the Wireless kit for the StainStopper Pulse. This  is designed for where the reticulation controller is not accessible with the standard wired Pulse system.

Please note, we are no longer building or supplying the vacuum StainStoppers


Once you have achieved control over the stains on your borehole surface using our reliable systems,

it's time to utilize IronKleen - our specialized product that ensures complete elimination of any remaining bore stains. 


For engaging content on various groundwater-related topics,

we invite you to explore our informative BLOG section.


Normal  office hours are from Monday through Fridays 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Internet and land lines are back up p  08 9379 2911

Should you require assistance outside these hours,

please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Contact numbers are:

Office 08 9379 2911 

Ethan  0490 851 929


           If the door is closed, please press the button below or call us on our phone’s so we can organize how best to assist you.

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Well Rehabilitation


 A geothermal plant servicing an air conditioning system contaminated with iron related bacteria .

Bore Rehabilitation

Introducing Boresaver Ultra C Pro - the ultimate solution to your iron oxide problems. Say goodbye to sluggish production and skyrocketing maintenance costs with this premium grade rehabilitation chemical. Designed with cutting-edge technology, Boresaver Ultra C Pro effortlessly dissolves iron oxide deposits in groundwater bores, wells, pumps, and pipes. No more slippery orange residues or inefficient systems. It's time to reclaim your productivity and save on maintenance expenses. Don't let iron oxide deposits hold you back any longer. Invest in Boresaver Ultra C Pro and experience the difference it makes. Unlock your bore's true potential today!

Iron Stain Prevention

Does your bore water come out clean and clear, but leaves behind unsightly brown stains? The StainStopper System is here to save the day! Designed specifically for iron and calcium removal, it tackles the root cause of those pesky stains

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