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Boresaver Liquid - Enhancer

BoreSaver Liquid /Enhancer is ideal for dealing with severe iron bacteria control contamination. It is regularly used in situations where the bacteria are particularly active and the contamination is comprehensive or in a sensitive installation where quality of supply and flow is critical. Most applications use the BoreSaver Ultra C at 5% to water volume.

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Iron Bacteria can never be completely eliminated, it lives in the formation and aquifer

Whilst all iron oxide deposits can be removed, it is not possible to completely eliminate iron bacteria contamination. However, regular use of Liquid Enhancer can completely minimise the problem and ensure the water supply and pumping equipment is working at maximum efficiency. The frequency of follow up cleaning will be determined by the natural conditions in the system although a twice yearly maintenance programme is recommended.

Did you know?

  • Iron bacteria and iron oxide contamination is estimated to affect over 40% of the world’s water bores.

  • Mineral contamination restricts water production and clogs up pumps and pipes.

  • Accumulated deposits can increase maintenance problems and create unpleasant working conditions for operators.

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