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Adjusting the StainStopper Dose

Controlling the operational expenses of the StainStopper is a straightforward and uncomplicated process. Simply adhere to the provided instructions, and you will have the ability to optimize your Aquatek concentrations to precisely align with your water requirements.

The functionality of the StainStopper involves introducing an accurate measure of Aquatek concentrate into the flow of reticulation water.

The costs associated with operating the StainStopper are determined by two key factors:

1. The presence of iron and other minerals in your water.

2. The volume of water that you pump.

For instance, if there are iron levels at 1ppm, it will necessitate twice as much concentrate compared to a lower level such as ½ ppm. Similarly, pumping twice as much water will result in consuming double amounts of Aquatek.

To effectively manage and control operational costs, it is imperative to ensure that concentration levels accurately correspond with iron levels present in the water while minimizing watering durations.

You can assess whether you have achieved optimal quantities of Aquatek within your tank by adjusting its dosage and subsequently running a cycle. Capture some water using a white container and leave it overnight for observation.

If there is any discoloration or if a brown film forms on the base of the container, this indicates insufficient amounts of Aquatek. In such cases, continue adding more until no discoloration occurs over a period spanning 24 hours.

Another avenue for saving expenses entails closely examining your usage patterns relating to water consumption.

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